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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Grappling Central Forum! Our mission is to provide a positive, friendly forum where people of all levels of grappling can come together for informative discussion, to learn and to exchange ideas. To keep this mission on track, we must lay down a few ground rules.
1. No bullying. This includes name calling, insults, trolling or any behavior that makes someone feel unwelcome.
2. No politics, no religion. At Grappling Central, we completely respect your religious and political views. However, these subjects in particular have very deep and emotional importance to people. Minor disagreements quickly turn into ugly arguments within these subjects, and since neither have anything to do with grappling or Jiu-Jitsu, we ask that you refrain from making comments or starting discussions about these two subjects.
3. No spamming. The forum is not an area to promote, sell or buy anything. The only exceptions to this are people promoting a grappling tournament or seminar. If you want to sell a personal item, like a gi, you may be permitted to do so if you contact us first.
Punishment for breaking these rules will depend on the severity and amount of warnings given. We will always try to be fair and give plenty of warnings before banning anyone. In severe cases, you could be banned without warning.
Now get out there and enjoy the forum!