Joining the show for the second time is Professor Tom DeBlass! We catch up on what he’s been up to in the last year and Tom talks about his intense daily training, discipline, his online following and his recent gold medal at the ADCC Qualifier! Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • Is “5 Hour Energy” Tom’s Kryptonite?
  • Shark-Tanking himself daily
  • Starting training from the feet vs starting from the knees
  • Discipline
  • Teaching Millennials / Inspiring a healthy and self reliant mentality in young people
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Tom’s old school mentality when it comes to trash talking
  • Facebook challenges
  • His online following
  • being proud of yourself / Recognizing every day accomplishments
  • Pros and cons of comparing yourself to others
  • Being a good hammer and a good nail
  • Sleep
  • His recent mini-documentary
  • Dealing with an addictive personality
  • The journey towards improvement after Black Belt
  • “Winning” and “Losing” in the academy
  • The value of your training partners, regardless of their level
  • How the Jiu-Jitsu community inspires him
  • Learning from his students
  • Time management / Goal setting
  • Legacy