One of MMA’s best Grapplers ever and a  living legend of the sport, Randy joins the show to talk about his career, mindset and the current state of MMA! Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • His intro to Grappling
  • How his desire to get his father’s attention motivated him to wrestle
  • His high school career
  • How Wrestling built him as a man
  • Wrestling for Oklahoma State University
  • Wrestling for the ARMY Greco Team
  • Being the oldest guy on the team
  • How his path in Greco happened by accident
  • The transition between Freestyle Wrestling and Greco
  • Opportunities in Wrestling
  • How Greco influenced his entire career
  • Dealing with losses and mental blocks
  • The fear of losing
  • The mental strength that both the military and Wrestling build
  • The Extreme Couture GI Foundation
  • His infamous Atlanta bar fight story
  • Starting his MMA career on a whim
  • His first fight
  • Why he referred to his fights as “competitions” instead of “fights”
  • What he feels was the toughest fight of his career
  • His biggest moments in MMA
  • Training adjustments he had to make with age
  • The intensity of sparring in the old days vs now
  • Coaching his son Ryan Couture
  • Issues in modern MMA
  • The Muhammad Ali act and why it is so important for fighters
  • Fair pay / Fighters rights
  • His acting career and plans for the future