In his 6th appearance on the show, Kurt doesn’t disappoint as the interview goes right off the rails in typical fashion when he drops in! We talk about his recent No-Gi World Championship, Half Guard, and of course, weapons, tattoos and heavy metal! Click “Read More” for Show Notes! 


  • Moving to Brazil
  • Airline problems / Disneyland on acid
  • Medium shirts are sexy
  • His first No-Gi World Championship
  • How he ended up in the Heavyweight division by mistake
  • Heavy Metal / Children’s show hosts “on drugs”
  • Kurt’s hatred for hippies and the Grateful Dead
  • Drones
  • Bad Millennial names
  • Kids in Ryan and Karen’s future
  • Kurt’s new skinny jeans
  • New shirts
  • Kurt’s recent weapon purchases
  • Their recent burglary scare
  • Update on the ghosts in their house
  • Kurt’s home projects
  • His first affiliate school / Why he doesn’t charge affiliation fees
  • His recent artwork / Tattoos
  • Bad tattoos
  • “Krokodil”
  • His neighborhood weirdos
  • Seminars
  • Leg injury/ Cane swords
  • Gun laws
  • International seminars
  • Ryan’s favorite joke / Kurt’s favorite joke
  • Techniques he is working on
  • Half Guard