One of the most respected coaches in the world, Greg Nelson talks about his diverse background in martial arts, bad habits in grappling and universal concepts in all styles. He also speaks candidly about surviving cancer twice.  Click “Read More” for show notes!

  • His intro to martial arts
  • His background in Filipino martial arts
  • Erik Paulson
  • The benefits of Gymnastics for martial artists
  • His interesting position to have found  non-mainstream martial arts for the time period he was in
  • Shooto / Shoot Wrestling
  • Wrestling for University of Minnesota / Benefits wrestling gave him
  • Rolling with Master Rickson Gracie as his intro to Jiu-Jitsu
  • Blue Belt Kurt Osiander
  • Meeting Master Pedro Sauer / The greatest lesson he learned from him
  • The toughest fight of his life: Cancer
  • How the mental fortitude from martial arts helped him survive cancer
  • Learning to walk, punch, kick and grapple all over again
  • The new outlook on life he has after surviving cancer
  • The importance of lifestyle in combat sports
  • Bad habits in grappling that you need to break
  • Thinking of grappling as a series of mini games
  • The concept of moving yourself instead of moving your opponent
  • How his diverse background in martial arts has helped him as a coach
  • The highlight of his coaching career
  • Are all the grappling styles more alike than different?
  • Implementing Wrestling into Jiu-Jitsu
  • Universal concepts of grappling
  • How he would like to be remembered