Professor Henry Akins joins the show for the second time to talk about escaping bad positions, using your opponent’s grips against them, developing a mind map and why he feels positional training is so important. Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • His upcoming Pan Pacific seminar tour
  • The rapid growth of his website
  • Universal concepts of escaping
  • Concepts for escaping the bottom side mount
  • Developing multiple options in Jiu-Jitsu vs looking for the easiest way out
  • The battle for the under hook
  • Recomposing the guard from bottom side is not the only escape option
  • Maintaining guard / using the passer’s grips against him
  • The fundamentals of passing the guard
  • Master Rickson’s advice on passing the guard
  • Why learning a concept is worth 100 techniques
  • Understanding transitions / developing a mind map
  • Why both he and Master Rickson believe so strongly in positional training
  •  Starting rolls from the feet / learning take downs
  • Why not every self defense situation is appropriate to take to the ground
  • Standing grappling concepts for self defense
  • The Tom Deblass Walmart incident
  • Hidden Jiu-Jitsu defined
  • Teaching Hidden Jiu-Jitsu without physical contact (online/on video)
  • Game plans for non-flexible people
  • The intelligent use of strength and energy
  • What he feels is the hardest aspect of Jiu-Jitsu to perfect