Matt Marcinek is a Jiu-Jitsu Purple belt who has Cerebral Palsy. Despite his condition, he competes and trains regularly. He talks about adapting BJJ to his condition, mental coaching and the value of learning techniques, even if you don’t use them. Click “read more” for show notes!


  • What is Cerebral Palsy?
  • How his love for grappling was born
  • Getting involved in Wrestling as a teenager
  • The bureaucratic difficulties of Wrestling with CP
  • How Jiu-Jitsu builds better relationships
  • Learning Jiu-Jitsu with CP
  • The value of learning techniques even if you don’t personally use them in your game
  •   Verbally teaching others
  • Competing with CP
  • Winning his first match
  • How it makes him feel when others complain about their training
  • Why a coach should NEVER tell someone that they can’t do something
  • His advice for rolling with a partner with a disability
  • People who inspire him in grappling
  • His favorite memories on the mat
  • His future plans