Coach Casey Halstead is a highly respected coach, academy owner and entrepreneur in the BJJ community. He talks about time management, common pitfalls of gym ownership and the value of a positive gym culture. Click “read more” for show notes! 


  • His origins
  • Why he chose 10th Planet
  • His thoughts on cross training
  • Elite competitors are not always great teachers
  • The value of a positive gym culture
  • The ingredients of a good coach
  • Why coaches should always play to their fighter’s strengths
  • His views on natural talent
  • The ingredients of an elite fighter
  • His policy on dealing with fighters who are difficult to coach
  • Pulling on your fighter’s heart strings to motivate them
  • How his instructors have influenced the way he teaches
  • The impact that Jean Jacques Machado had on him
  • Time management / Watering the garden
  • How he became a gym owner
  • Common mistakes academy owners make
  • Overcoming failures
  • His advice for entrepreneurs