Kurt makes his monthly appearance and rambles with Ryan about Game of Thrones, Slayer, corporal punishment, Ryan and Karen’s Mexican adventure and zombie apocalypse strategies. Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • Kurt’s never ending home improvement project
  • Game of Thrones
  • Kurt and Michelle’s date at the Slayer concert
  • Kurt’s days of picking up girls on his motorcycle / How he met Michelle
  • Performing in the 49ers half time show
  • Human hamster balls as corporal punishment
  • Bad smelling people on the mat
  • Ryan and Karen’s Mexican adventure
  • Getting sick abroad
  • Ryan & Karen’s Brazil move
  • Kurt broke his Leao Optics
  • Sao Paulo / Urban living
  • Zombie apocalypse strategies
  • Doctor Kurt Osiander?
  • Kurt’s freak out video
  • Kurt’s Grateful Dead concert freak out / Growling at hippies
  • The North Korea situation
  • ADCC 2017 / Roger vs Buchecha
  • The KO Finisher
  • Heel Hooks
  • Accidentally hurting people
  • Kurt’s MRSA incident
  • Construction tools that make good weapons
  • Masters Worlds
  • McGregor vs Mayweather