Vlad Koulikov returns to the show to talk about his recent promotion to BJJ Black Belt, winning the Combat Wrestling Worlds in Japan, training through injuries, conditioning and his views on the modern leg lock game from a Sambo perspective. Click “read more” for show notes!


  • His recent promotion to BJJ Black Belt
  • Winning the Combat Wrestling Worlds in Japan
  • Combat Wrestling rules
  • Shaking off competition rust
  • Hanging out in Japan / Experiencing the culture
  • Training around injuries
  • Competition conditioning
  • Keeping your conditioning focused
  • His new school
  • Combining styles into one class
  • The Pummel
  • The similarities¬† between learning martial arts and learning to play an instrument
  • Leg locks
  • Flow drills
  • The next wave in grappling
  • His opinion on gi for no-gi
  • Adding take downs to your training
  • Projects he’s working on
  • His DVDs