Justin “Master Chim” Garcia makes his second appearance on the show for a deep discussion of self defense, dealing with armed attackers from a grappling standpoint and building muscle memory. He also talks about the direction of competitive grappling. Click “read more’ for show notes! SHOW NOTES:

  • Catching up since his last appearance
  • MMA’s legalization in NY
  • Vio-Prep System
  • Why he explored other martial arts for weapons defense
  • Weapons and self defense
  • Youtube Ninjas
  • Is the ground a practical place to take an armed attacker?
  • “The Chiropractor Dilemma”
  • Situational awareness
  • Testing your art’s effectiveness
  • Building muscle memory
  • Is Jiu-Jitsu enough for self defense?
  • A technical breakdown of grappling an armed attacker
  • The Pummel
  • The direction of competitive grappling
  • Affiliations: Pros and Cons
  • His plans for 2018