Professor “Gordo” is the man credited with developing the Half Guard into an offensive position. He talks about the rules in BJJ competition, finding the right school for you and training though injuries. He also opens up about why he left Gracie Barra.


  • His recent move to Florida
  • His origins
  • Growing up with Ralph and Ryan Gracie
  • The surf culture in Brazil
  • Training at the original Gracie Barra academy
  • Training partners who influenced him along the way
  • Competition mindset
  • Competition rules / Advantages
  • The development of the Half Guard
  • Training through injuries
  • The Pummel
  • His first academy
  • His split with Gracie Barra
  • Cross-training
  • Finding the right school for you
  • Teaching in Abu Dhabi
  • Rafael Dos Anjos
  • Transitioning from BJJ to MMA
  • Areas of his game he wants to improve
  • Future goals