Kurt is back to talk about his recent UK tour, his upcoming Australian tour and to update us on the progress of Empire Jiu-Jitsu! He also talks about shark cages, wildfires, eating raccoons, and praises Ryan and Karen for surviving a week at his house!



  • Building Empire Jiu-Jitsu (literally)
  • Having a school on San Francisco’s Mission Street
  • His hopes to mend things between him and Ralph Gracie
  • His recent UK tour
  • Accents
  • Ryan and Karen’s week long stay at Kurt’s house
  • The young serial killer that lives next door to Kurt
  • Kurt ate Raccoon meat
  • Kurt’s cooking skills and fluent Portuguese
  • Ryan and Karen’s new puppy
  • Kurt’s upcoming Australian seminar tour in November
  • Shark cages, Koala Bears and Tasmanian Devils
  • Wildfires in California
  • The Pummel
  • Jake Scovel says hello and talks about the gym’s progress
  • Kurt displays his customer service skills with a live walk-in off the street
  • Q&A with the GCP Facebook Group members
  • His plans for the next KO Finisher