Raul Ramirez joins the show to talk about his journey through Catch Wrestling, Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, training at the Snake Pit and training intensity. He also talks about Catch Wrestling Alliance and the future of Catch! Click “read more” for show notes!




  • His origins
  • His diverse experience in martial arts
  • Training at Beijing Sports Academy
  • Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine
  • Reducing inflammation naturally
  • Chinese Wrestling
  • Finding Catch Wrestling
  • Training at the Snake Pit in Wigan, UK
  • A stylistic profile of Catch Wrestling
  • The wrestling style he feels adapts best to Catch
  • Training intensity
  • Training on vacation
  • The Pummel
  • Catch Wrestling Alliance
  • Catch Wrestling’s current popularity level
  • What Catch can do for all grapplers
  • Grapple Asia