Rondel Benjamin introduced Jiu-Jitsu to Trinidad & Tobago in 2000 and has helped build the community there for the last 18 years. He talks about strategy and concepts in BJJ, invisible Jiu-Jitsu, breathing and the importance of drilling grip fighting. Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!


  • Origins
  • Finding BJJ
  • His experience in other grappling styles
  • Take downs in BJJ
  • Grip fighting
  • Why studying other styles is so beneficial
  • Calinda Stick Fighting
  • Using music to communicate to his students
  • Building the BJJ community in Trinidad & Tobago
  • The Pummel
  • A conceptual approach to Jiu-Jitsu
  • Strategy in BJJ
  • Controlling your breathing
  • Invisible Jiu-Jitsu
  • The future of BJJ in Trinidad & Tobago

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