After a long hiatus, Kurt is back on the show! He updates us with his situation in this candid episode. Ryan also makes a big announcement about his life. They also talk about Brazil, public nudity, the GOT finale, and Kurt takes questions from listeners. Click “read more” for show notes and listening options

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  • The growth of his school
  • Ryan’s big announcement
  • Life in Brazil
  • Brazilian critters
  • Crazy cuisines
  • Kurt gets reprimanded
  • An update on where Kurt is
  • Kurt’s habitual public nudity
  • The recovery process
  • Helping others while helping himself
  • Salads
  • Coffee and pre-workout
  • Competing in Brazil
  • Training differences between the US and Brazil
  • Kurt’s BJJ Fanatics instructional – coupon code GRAPPLINGCENTRAL15
  • Building an offensive guard
  • Game of Thrones finale
  • Vikings
  • Memories with Ralph Gracie
  • Chernobyl
  • Tattoo suggestions
  • Questions from the listeners