Kristian Woodmansee returns to talk about his new academy, cultivating a positive culture in a school, why he prefers not to teach his own kids and being a Jiu-Jitsu parent. He also gives technical insight to the Reverse De La Riva position. Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • His recent seminar in Georgia
  • Catching up
  • His new academy, Logic Jiu-Jitsu in Philadelphia
  • Quelling negativity within your academy
  • Being patient with “bad apples”
  • Crucial academy policies
  • Fixing a gym’s bad reputation
  • His idea of a perfect competition camp
  • Balancing family, life and business
  • Being a Jiu-Jitsu parent
  • Why he doesn’t want to be his child’s instructor
  • How teaching has made him a better father
  • Getting your spouse on board with Jiu-Jitsu
  • Reverse De La Riva
  • Advanced techniques for beginners
  • Dealing with critics
  • Goals for 2020